16 weeks-Wednesday

Our baby’s estimated due date is August 9th, hope you’ll follow along until then 😉

Today I started totally wrong! Organic cinnamon flax CEREAL. Yesterday was eggs…then a jelly donut. But the donuts and cookies are all gone so at least I won’t be eating them today. I am sipping a cup of coffee with coconut oil, the coconut cream concentrate is better but I thought I’d try this too. I usually crave something sweet to snack on while drinking coffee. Today I’m going without. Sometimes I’ll have a few squares of 80% dark chocolate with some raw nuts as a better alternative. Cashews are my favorite but the health food store in town is out of them most of the time. Almonds used to be my favorite but now they give me stomach cramps for some reason. So does broccoli but I eat it sometimes if it’s been well-cooked. I hope once I stick to a better diet for a long time those issues will go away.

I do notice how eating grains makes me feel sluggish afterwards. Especially pancakes! In our family we even call it ‘The Pancake Effect’.

Last night I worked on ‘moving’ more. While my kids were playing I did some stretches and light aerobics. I spend most of the day on the computer. I enter giveaways to supplement our family’s income (and yes, I do make money at it but it is time consuming). Before I got pregnant I made myself a standing desk by stacking a couple plastic storage boxes. I need to start using that again. And I was walking more when the weather was nice but it hasn’t been cooperating the last few weeks. I used to use workout dvds on a regular basis but not lately. My body has really gotten out of shape. I just can’t do what I used to be able to do. That’s not cool with me. I need my body to function and move efficiently to keep up with my kids!

Here are a few body pics to show the ” before” if you want to call it that! What looks like baby bump is really mostly fat at this point. Fat has accumulated on my hips, arms and thighs as well as my belly. Haha, also note the nice back roll developing!


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