First Thoughts

16 weeks pregnant and 50 lbs overweight.

Hello folks, thanks for stopping by to read my story. It all started because I couldn’t find enough information online about how to safely lose excess body fat using a paleo diet while pregnant. There is a TON of information on the paleo diet itself. A little advice concerning continuing to following paleo when you get pregnant. And a couple sentences here and there about starting paleo after becoming pregnant and/or losing weight during pregnancy. That just doesn’t cut it for me. I especially love reading other people’s anecdotes and success stories but almost zero apply to my situation right now. Which is this:

I’m a mother of 3 girls, currently about 16 weeks along with our 4th child. I’ve been married 5 years and in that time have gone from 120 lbs to 185 lbs. My weight has fluctuated during those years but mostly gone up. Especially in the past several months. I don’t own a scale but estimate at the beginning of my pregnancy I probably weighed about 160 lbs. That was around Christmas when our kitchen was stocked with tons of sugary treats. Then came the food aversions and (all day and night) morning sickness. For almost 2 months all I could stand to eat was crackers, breads, cereal, and processed convenience foods. And unlike in my first 3 pregnancies, I wasn’t throwing up several times a day. On came the weight. At my first OB visit I was 172 lbs and this past week was up to 185 lbs.

Before you judgmental folks jump to conclusions and assume I’m going to put me and my baby at risk by drastically cutting calories, excessive exercise, or whatever else a self-centered body-conscious maniac might do- I’m not. I intend to do this as sensibly as possible. I don’t like being hungry or deprived. I’m not a fan of exercising until I sweat. I just have some food issues (like too many sugary snacks) and a lack of movement during the day (I’m pretty sedentary right now).

I plan to follow a paleo-ish diet. Probably close to 80/20. I feel like that would be most sustainable for me in the long run. And I still have some food aversions that make 100% compliance too difficult right now. Budget is also an issue for us, as is availability of healthier food options. We live in a rural mountain town with almost no grass/pasture fed meats sold in town.

My goal for this pregnancy would be to weigh no more at baby’s birth than I do now. That would allow for a healthy loss of my excess body fat and for the healthy growth of my little one at the same time. And to steadily reduce my body fat postpartum until I reach a more comfortable place, probably around 135 lbs. Hopefully in the end I leave a success story for other women to follow and be inspired by.


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