Not really my first day

I’ve kinda been ‘doing paleo’ on and off for the past year. It just hasn’t stuck yet. I do eat less grains than I used to. But donuts, cookies and such are a big downfall for me. I also seem to be fine with dairy so I don’t limit it much. Beans are hard to give up as I still see them as a cheap and easy source of protein. I’m not crazy about eating meat but I do my best! (Bacon I can do!! haha)

I have an interesting pantry: a huge bucket of coconut flakes, large jars of coconut cream concentrate, coconut oil, bags of coconut flour and big bag of almond flour in my fridge. Results of an online shopping spree after reading recipes for paleo treats online too late at night.

My kids aren’t interested in cutting out their fave foods, neither is my hubby. I sneak and swap as best I can so they will eat a bit better without protest. Nobody in my family really enjoys veggies. I didn’t even start eating vegetables until I was in my 20’s! Seriously. After my first baby I knew I had to start eating better and slowly training myself not to gag when swallowing something green was a long process. I eat them because I know I should, not always because I want to.

Everything in life is a journey, a process, changing and building and learning. This is no different. Don’t expect perfection, only improvement.


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