Hubby brings home pizza

breakfast- cereal with whole milk

snacks- 4 squares of dark chocolate, 2 handfuls raw Brazil nuts, coffee with coconut oil

lunch- homemade beef vegetable soup with shredded cheddar cheese

dinner 1- club sandwich salad (lettuce, tomato, bacon, chopped lunchmeat, shredded cheese)

dinner 2- I planned to have eggs but hubby brought home pizzas. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by making another meal so I had two pieces. At least I didn’t pig out as I normally would have done. Really didn’t even enjoy it and felt sleepier afterwards but what’s done is done. 

Continued to drink tons of water despite my annoyance with frequent bathroom trips. I need to order some red raspberry leaf tea. I’ve used it during my last two pregnancies. It’s supposed to help tone the uterus to prevent excess bleeding or hemorrhage. 


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