All junked out

We took a trip this week and my safe snacks didn’t arrive in time to go along with us. I ate soooo much fast food and junk (including like 8 fancy cupcakes my sister bought for a family get-together). Bleh. Back on the wagon now and feeling better. Only bought foods I can eat when I went shopping. My kids are along with me because I didn’t buy other food and they pretty much have no choice. My 3 year old is the hardest one to get to eat healthier but she ate all of her breakfast this morning which was amazing!! She had an egg, sausage, piece of asparagus, and plain greek yogurt with coconut and strawberries. So that little victory was the encouragement I needed to keep it up. Also, I’m almost finished reading It Starts With Food and highly recommend it! 2nd meal today will be tuna with avocado on almond crackers, carrots and apple. Dinner is pecan chicken with bell pepper and celery.


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