Another successful day

Breakfast was a smoothie made with frozen blueberries and cherries, Greek yogurt, spinach and Chia seeds.

I had one cup of coffee with coconut cream concentrate and a splash of milk.

Lunch was scrambled eggs with sautéed leaks and two slices of ham.

For dinner I had roasted broccoli with butter and pizza casserole (sausage, pepperoni, onions, peppers, tomato sauce and cheese). 

For a snack I had a half cup of canned pineapple and a handful of Brazil nuts.


A new day

Totally blew it this weekend. But Monday is a new start right? Had leeks with butter and scrambled eggs, blueberry/spinach/chia seed/greek yogurt smoothie, roasted sweet potato, 2 slices of turkey wrapped in a slice of cheese, and a handful of Brazil nuts so far today. Could use a nap but I did get a lot of cleaning done today also. Enjoying the sunshine!

night out

Yesterday started off well:

breakfast: 3 eggs, 2 slices bacon

snacks: none

lunch: brussel sprouts roasted in bacon fat, 2 sweet potatoes cubed and roasted

Then I had 2 slices of leftover pizza. Me and hubby had a date night planned but I had a few hours until we’d be eating dinner and food choices were slim since I need to go grocery shopping soon. I caved and ate the pizza. On our dinner out I had a few bites of fried okra, sweet potato wedges and coconut rice; and one mango pork taco. Before we went to the theater I got a latte and brownie at a cafe in town.

Today I’ve had 2 eggs, 1 slice of pizza, 1 peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and coffee with milk. Not so hot.

Dinner planned for tonight is roasted broccoli slaw with shredded buffalo chicken. Tomorrow I’ll be grocery shopping so next week I can do better.

Hubby brings home pizza

breakfast- cereal with whole milk

snacks- 4 squares of dark chocolate, 2 handfuls raw Brazil nuts, coffee with coconut oil

lunch- homemade beef vegetable soup with shredded cheddar cheese

dinner 1- club sandwich salad (lettuce, tomato, bacon, chopped lunchmeat, shredded cheese)

dinner 2- I planned to have eggs but hubby brought home pizzas. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings by making another meal so I had two pieces. At least I didn’t pig out as I normally would have done. Really didn’t even enjoy it and felt sleepier afterwards but what’s done is done. 

Continued to drink tons of water despite my annoyance with frequent bathroom trips. I need to order some red raspberry leaf tea. I’ve used it during my last two pregnancies. It’s supposed to help tone the uterus to prevent excess bleeding or hemorrhage. 

16 weeks-Wednesday

Our baby’s estimated due date is August 9th, hope you’ll follow along until then 😉

Today I started totally wrong! Organic cinnamon flax CEREAL. Yesterday was eggs…then a jelly donut. But the donuts and cookies are all gone so at least I won’t be eating them today. I am sipping a cup of coffee with coconut oil, the coconut cream concentrate is better but I thought I’d try this too. I usually crave something sweet to snack on while drinking coffee. Today I’m going without. Sometimes I’ll have a few squares of 80% dark chocolate with some raw nuts as a better alternative. Cashews are my favorite but the health food store in town is out of them most of the time. Almonds used to be my favorite but now they give me stomach cramps for some reason. So does broccoli but I eat it sometimes if it’s been well-cooked. I hope once I stick to a better diet for a long time those issues will go away.

I do notice how eating grains makes me feel sluggish afterwards. Especially pancakes! In our family we even call it ‘The Pancake Effect’.

Last night I worked on ‘moving’ more. While my kids were playing I did some stretches and light aerobics. I spend most of the day on the computer. I enter giveaways to supplement our family’s income (and yes, I do make money at it but it is time consuming). Before I got pregnant I made myself a standing desk by stacking a couple plastic storage boxes. I need to start using that again. And I was walking more when the weather was nice but it hasn’t been cooperating the last few weeks. I used to use workout dvds on a regular basis but not lately. My body has really gotten out of shape. I just can’t do what I used to be able to do. That’s not cool with me. I need my body to function and move efficiently to keep up with my kids!

Here are a few body pics to show the ” before” if you want to call it that! What looks like baby bump is really mostly fat at this point. Fat has accumulated on my hips, arms and thighs as well as my belly. Haha, also note the nice back roll developing!

Not really my first day

I’ve kinda been ‘doing paleo’ on and off for the past year. It just hasn’t stuck yet. I do eat less grains than I used to. But donuts, cookies and such are a big downfall for me. I also seem to be fine with dairy so I don’t limit it much. Beans are hard to give up as I still see them as a cheap and easy source of protein. I’m not crazy about eating meat but I do my best! (Bacon I can do!! haha)

I have an interesting pantry: a huge bucket of coconut flakes, large jars of coconut cream concentrate, coconut oil, bags of coconut flour and big bag of almond flour in my fridge. Results of an online shopping spree after reading recipes for paleo treats online too late at night.

My kids aren’t interested in cutting out their fave foods, neither is my hubby. I sneak and swap as best I can so they will eat a bit better without protest. Nobody in my family really enjoys veggies. I didn’t even start eating vegetables until I was in my 20’s! Seriously. After my first baby I knew I had to start eating better and slowly training myself not to gag when swallowing something green was a long process. I eat them because I know I should, not always because I want to.

Everything in life is a journey, a process, changing and building and learning. This is no different. Don’t expect perfection, only improvement.

First Thoughts

16 weeks pregnant and 50 lbs overweight.

Hello folks, thanks for stopping by to read my story. It all started because I couldn’t find enough information online about how to safely lose excess body fat using a paleo diet while pregnant. There is a TON of information on the paleo diet itself. A little advice concerning continuing to following paleo when you get pregnant. And a couple sentences here and there about starting paleo after becoming pregnant and/or losing weight during pregnancy. That just doesn’t cut it for me. I especially love reading other people’s anecdotes and success stories but almost zero apply to my situation right now. Which is this:

I’m a mother of 3 girls, currently about 16 weeks along with our 4th child. I’ve been married 5 years and in that time have gone from 120 lbs to 185 lbs. My weight has fluctuated during those years but mostly gone up. Especially in the past several months. I don’t own a scale but estimate at the beginning of my pregnancy I probably weighed about 160 lbs. That was around Christmas when our kitchen was stocked with tons of sugary treats. Then came the food aversions and (all day and night) morning sickness. For almost 2 months all I could stand to eat was crackers, breads, cereal, and processed convenience foods. And unlike in my first 3 pregnancies, I wasn’t throwing up several times a day. On came the weight. At my first OB visit I was 172 lbs and this past week was up to 185 lbs.

Before you judgmental folks jump to conclusions and assume I’m going to put me and my baby at risk by drastically cutting calories, excessive exercise, or whatever else a self-centered body-conscious maniac might do- I’m not. I intend to do this as sensibly as possible. I don’t like being hungry or deprived. I’m not a fan of exercising until I sweat. I just have some food issues (like too many sugary snacks) and a lack of movement during the day (I’m pretty sedentary right now).

I plan to follow a paleo-ish diet. Probably close to 80/20. I feel like that would be most sustainable for me in the long run. And I still have some food aversions that make 100% compliance too difficult right now. Budget is also an issue for us, as is availability of healthier food options. We live in a rural mountain town with almost no grass/pasture fed meats sold in town.

My goal for this pregnancy would be to weigh no more at baby’s birth than I do now. That would allow for a healthy loss of my excess body fat and for the healthy growth of my little one at the same time. And to steadily reduce my body fat postpartum until I reach a more comfortable place, probably around 135 lbs. Hopefully in the end I leave a success story for other women to follow and be inspired by.