2 good days, 1 ok day

Went last 2 days with no sugar/grains and was feeling good about it. Today hubby went shopping and brought home donuts, cinnamon rolls, ice cream bars, and popsicles. Only the chocolate covered custard filled donuts were enough to tempt me. Here’s today’s food:

eggs, ham, peppers and onion; strawberries; coffee with coconut cream concentrate

2 donuts and whole milk

1 1/2 bananas, cashews, pecans

ground beef, salsa, cheese, lettuce, avocado


a day of good food


Breakfast- eggs, ham, green onion over baby kale

Snacks- strawberries and cashews, banana and pecans, coffee with coconut cream concentrate

Lunch- kale, cucumber, carrots, apple, chicken breast with raspberry vinaigrette

Dinner- burger with cheese, bacon, avocado, pickle, lettuce, tomato


Breakfast- 2 eggs, 3 patties natural sausage, 1/2 sweet potato with butter, coconut cream concentrate and cinnamon

Delish breakfast

I started the day off by washing and chopping all my produce for the week. Yay for me! Haha! And I also threw together my fave massaged kale and mango salad, and scrambled eggs with shallot and bell peppers. Google the kale salad recipe, it’s soooo good! I’m having the leftovers for dinner along with roast chicken.

I’ve also been entering giveaways to hopefully win some stuff we need for baby BOY! Yes, its a little man in there! Here’s a great one I just found for a gift basket full of awesome products.

enter here: http://www.movelifestyle.com/move/baby-giveaway-announcement/ 

All junked out

We took a trip this week and my safe snacks didn’t arrive in time to go along with us. I ate soooo much fast food and junk (including like 8 fancy cupcakes my sister bought for a family get-together). Bleh. Back on the wagon now and feeling better. Only bought foods I can eat when I went shopping. My kids are along with me because I didn’t buy other food and they pretty much have no choice. My 3 year old is the hardest one to get to eat healthier but she ate all of her breakfast this morning which was amazing!! She had an egg, sausage, piece of asparagus, and plain greek yogurt with coconut and strawberries. So that little victory was the encouragement I needed to keep it up. Also, I’m almost finished reading It Starts With Food and highly recommend it! 2nd meal today will be tuna with avocado on almond crackers, carrots and apple. Dinner is pecan chicken with bell pepper and celery.

Digging Deeper

Found out our library had the book It Starts With Food so I have started reading it this week. It’s been a great motivator to keep me from choosing unhealthy foods. My mom and sisters have done the Whole 30 program recently but I couldn’t do it with them because I was going through the major morning sickness stage.

Breakfast- 3 eggs, avocado, all natural sausage

lunch- mixed raw nuts, roasted broccoli, coffee with coconut oil and whole milk

Discovered a leftover no bake cookie from hubby’s b-day and have been fighting the desire to eat it. Not sure if I’ll make it all day. But reading/listening to podcasts about how sugar prevents my body from accessing body fat and how it affects my brain with addiction is helping me say ‘no’.

Can I get a Do-Over?

Wishing I could start over with my food choices this week. Especially today. Not possible but I am going to record my wish to look back on later and remember how BLAH my bad food choices make me feel. I feel huge, sluggish, bloated, and way more uncomfortable than necessary at this point in my pregnancy. I’m not even halfway through and feeling like 8 months along, not okay!

Fighting back the blues

Its been so grey and rainy the past week and lack of sunshine noticeably affects my mood. But I turned on youtube this morning before I did anything else and found a prenatal aerobics program to start my day with. Then had a breakfast of 1/2 apple, 3 eggs, 1 1/2 slices pepperjack cheese, and 1/2 cup mashed avocado. I’ve put lemon in my water and coconut concentrate in my coffee. Snacked on a homemade brownie left over from hubby’s birthday but overall doing well today. We are taking a trip soon so I ordered a bunch of items I can snack on during the 18 hours we’ll be in the car next week. Hoping I like the Epic bars since they were expensive!